Open the On the GO!-app. Based on your GPS location, the nearest petrol station will be selected.

  1. Choose the correct pump number, a fixed budget or ‘Full’ and press ‘Start fueling’.
  2. Activated pay later? You can immediately start fueling. Paying upfront? Check your details, select your bank account and click on ‘proceed’. You can easily pay with iDEAL.
  3. If your upfront payment has finished, you can start refueling. Done? Than put back the nozzle. The remainder will be transferred automatically to your bank account.

You can find all connected locations in the app, or take a look on this page for all locations.

If you choose for the pay later payment method, you will experience the best refuel experience. Once you’ve arrived on the petrol station you can immediately start refueling and drive off when you are done, without having to pay (immediately). You will receive a payment request by mail, accompanied with an iDEAL payment link. In this way, you can pay at a moment that suits you the best.

To prevent that you never fuel more than the chosen budget, the pump maintains a certain safety margin. The remainder will automatically be refunded to your bank account. Better safe than sorry.

Don’t panic! In case you notice this in time, get the nozzle of the pump and put it back immediately. The transaction will be aborted and the chosen budget will be refunded automatically to your bank account. Is somebody already refueling at the pump you selected? Get in touch with this person and try to figure out together what to do. On manned petrol stations, it might be possible to process a pump exchange in the shop, at the register. MyOrder and the petrol station are not responsible in any way for these kinds of misunderstandings.

Yes, you can. If you put back the nozzle, the fueling session will be automatically stopped and the remainder will be transferred back to your bank account.

The full remainder will be refunded automatically to your bank account when you don’t fuel within one minute after the payment. Didn’t receive any refund? Please contact our support department by sending a mail to: We will make sure you will receive your refund as soon as possible.

No, if the petrol station is closed, you cannot refuel with On the GO!

No, only is this is mentioned in the app. Check the app for all promotions and actions.

You always pay the actual price per liter as it is mentioned at the petrol station.

No, you don’t pay any extra costs.

You can easily select the correct pump number and desired budget (or ‘Full’) by swiping left or right. Ready to start you fueling session? Press ‘Start fueling’ and you can start you fuel session!



This can be done in two ways:

  1. You select an end time in the app and pay in advance via iDEAL. As soon as you leave the parking lot, you will receive a free message from us and you can extend your parking session. If you do not extend your parking session, the app will stop automatically. Returned sooner than expected? Then you need to stop your parking session yourself.
  2. Start & Stop: You set your parking time and stop it when you drive away. You will pay in-app with iDEAL or you will receive an email with an iDEAL payment link. Forgot to stop? At the end of the day, the app will stop automatically.

You can park in more than 110 cities. You can find a complete list on this page.

You pay € 0,22 per transaction. No subscription costs or costs for notifications in the app. We can claim that we are the most profitable parking-app of the Netherlands (bron: Consumentenbond, dec. 2015). By the way; for refueling there are no transaction costs.

It differs per parking area which parking providers offer mobile parking. We are continuously working on expanding our parking cities. Is your city not yet in On the GO!? Please send a message to request the status of your city.

With On the GO! you can easily change your license plate. Go to the “Parking” category. Next to the license plate is a blue ‘+’. Click to enter a new license plate. This is of course completely free.

If you return earlier than the endtime that has been set in the app or if your transaction fails, you will receive the overpaid amount automatically back to your bank account. Because the transfer is processed from one bank to another, it can take up to 2 business days before the amount is visible on your account.

Yes, you can! In the parking screen you will see ‘check zonecode’. Here you can check the automatic entered zonecode, or adjust it to the right one if needed.


Profile / general

On the GO! is a mobile app that lets you easily pay your refueling or parking session on your phone. You don’t need a debit card or cash because you pay with On the GO! safe and fast from your car. With On the GO! you stay on the move!

In the On the GO!-app, you can easily pay via iDEAL. This can be done at the petrol station before or with pay later. Want to pay later? You will receive a payment request by email after your refueling session has been completed. This allows you to drive straight away without paying (directly).

You can easily download the app in the Apple App Store (for iPhone) and in the Google Play Store (for Android).

You can find a contact form on the bottom of this page. You can also send an email to Please mention in your message / email the email address that you use for On the GO!

You can easily send suggestions, feedback, tips and complaints by using the feedback section in the app. Go to your profile and click on ‘Feedback’. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our services! We would like to hear why. You can submit your complaint or suggestion through our contact form at the bottom of this page. Your request will be processed and we will contact you as soon as possible.
If your complaint is not treated satisfactorily, you can file a complaint with the Financial Services Complaints Institute. The complaint can be submitted via the procedure described at or through theODR-platform. Finally, you can also submit the complaint to the court.

Unfortunately not, you can only use On the GO! in The Netherlands, but keep an eye on our platforms (Facebook, Twitter, website, etc.) 😉

You can find all the receipts in the ‘History’ section.

Paying with your mobile device is as safe as paying with your card. On the GO! meets al the safety requirements and and regularly receives security tests that meet the strictest requirements for safeguarding mobile payments.

This is because you might not have set up “pay without card and / or reader” in the app of your bank. With many banks, you can set a maximum amount that you can pay without debit card and / or reader.

Yes, you can! Go to the ‘History’ section of the app and easily send an overview of a specific month by clicking on the export symbol in the top right corner. The overview will be sent to the email address which has been used for your account registration.

You can pay limitless times with iDEAL. Pay attention, your bank can handle payment limitations.

Yes, you can! However, a registration offers benefits, like saving your transactions automatically to your account.

You can create or log in with an existing MyOrder account. Your payment information is kept and you can always acces it. You can also sign in to another device and find your own data.

Select ‘Profile’ and then click on ‘Account’. Click ‘Sign out’. Then you can sign in with another account.

Click on ‘Profile’ and next on ‘Account’. Click on ‘Log out’ to log out.

If you want to permanently delete your account, please send an email to You can help us improve by saying in your email why you’re leaving us.

Logging in via Facebook is of course very practical, but please note that the email address is the same as your MyOrder account, otherwise the system will think you are new and will create a new account for you.

We consider your privacy very important of course! Petrol stations therefore do not receive individual customer data from us. More information about how we deal with your data can be found in our privacy policy.

We ask you to pay the payment within 24 hours. You can pay in the On the GO!-app or by email. You have up to three weeks to meet a payment request. Afraid you will forget to pay for it? No worries, we will send you some reminders.

You can pay all your pending payments in the app or by using the iDEAL link you’ve received by mail. You need to pay your pending payments if:

  • The total sum of all your transactions is more than €50,-
  • If you’ve done 5 transactions
  • After 5 days

Do you want to contact us directly?

Fill in the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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