Drive, fuel & GO

Fueling with your mobile device is the new fueling, with the On the GO app. You can fuel faster than ever at over 500 petrol stations, nationally spread.
Download the app and discover On the GO!

How does mobile fueling work?

With On the GO! you can fuel at over 500 petrol stations, nationally spread!


Download the On the GO!-app, the ‘Fueling’ screen will automatically appear when you open the app.


Select the correct petrol station. The nearest petrol station will always be on the top of the list.


Select the correct pump number and the desired budget or go for ‘Full’ by swiping left and/or right.


You can start your fuel session! You can drive off immediately and pay later on a moment that suits you. Did you fuel for a fixed budget, but fueled for less than this budget? No worries, the remainder will be transferred back to your bank account automatically.

Where can I fuel with On the GO!?

It is possible to fuel at one of the 550+ petrol stations, which are widely spread in The Netherlands.  The following petrol stations are connected to On the GO!: Tango, AVIA, Esso, Tamoil, Total, Argos, Texaco, Berkman, Vissersolie, Sneltank, Brand Oil, Amigo. We are connecting other petrol stations or locations on a daily base.


Comfort, nationally spread.

Everything in one app, everything mobile. No struggles with parking tickets or having to wait in line at the petrol station.
On the GO! keeps you moving!


Discover the advantage of pay later

Fuel now, pay later! With the pay later option you can drive off, without having to pay (immediatly). You can start fueling and continue your trip straight away!
After your fueling session you will receive an iDEAL payment link by mail In this way, you can pay whenever it suits you. Fast and easy!


You can also park your car with On the GO!

Park your car by using your mobile device in The Netherlands. No subscription, no struggles. Discover parking with your mobile phone with On the GO!